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3 Exclusive Methods To Collect Employee Feedback Within Your Organization


Collecting employee feedback within the organization is the most inevitable step that is used to promote work efficiency and employee productivity. The recent survey has stated that companies prioritizing peer feedback using robotic process automation solutions are experiencing a 14% hike in their employee performance. This is definitely not a small figure to consider.

Here in this article, we have listed down three exclusive methods that you can definitely use to collect employee feedback from your peers. Collecting employee-related reviews from supervisors, colleagues, mentors, etc. are indeed helpful to build a strong efficient workforce.

3 Exclusive methods to collect employee feedback within your organization

    1. Real-time feedback: The best way to generate real-time feedback is by using performance management software that allows peers to generate feedback instantly. The instant feedback makes the employees efficient and productive as they get an opportunity to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses.Using this software, the managers or the mentors share their reviews about the team members at the end of every project. This allows the team to gain a better understanding and make improvements as necessary.
    1. Encouraging a buddy system: The performance management software even allows businesses to create a buddy system where peers can share their feedback on daily basis. You can even share the same using employee management software or tools like Zoom, Skype, etc.Here you can either leave a review in-person or while conversing with the team over chat. In both cases, the feedback matters a lot as this triggers a strong employee-employee relationship. If you are looking forward to building a robust relationship with your co-workers, you must not avoid creating a buddy system.

      Sharing feedback over voice calls is the finest way of appreciating the team members about their job. This motivates the employees and encourages them to perform even better than before.

    1. 360-degree survey: Have you ever thought about the 360-degree survey? You can certainly run this survey using the software solution or by integrating live chatbot for websiteIn this 360-degree feedback generation method, employees, supervisors, mentors, colleagues, and even the customers get easy access to leave a review online. The best thing about this technique is the employees get a complete insight into their performance. They get a clear picture regarding employee’s points of view and learn whether they require any improvements or not.

      The 360-degree feedback survey is purely helpful for building employee’s efficiency and individual performance. The report generated has a detailed analysis of this. You can certainly use this technique occasionally to get a better understanding of your team’s proficiency.


No matter what technique you follow, integrating a live chatbot for website can be a great approach. This will lessen down the headaches of generating feedback manually and improve the workflow accordingly.

Don’t miss out on finding a robotic process automation solutions provider to carry out the review generation process digitally.

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