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Call Centre in Kenya – What Is A BPO Call Centre And What Does It Do?


The term ‘business process outsourcing has become a norm in the business world. The organisations from different domains are well-habituated to this practice over the last decade. It simply involves the corporation availing expert helping hand to perform better.

The external service providers take the steering wheel to execute business tasks and drive the company towards the best results. Indeed the organisations always weigh the pros and cons while picking the right service provider. The ones that gel well with the values and also can appropriately fulfil current requirements are generally selected.

Technically the business processing outsourcing’s origin is from the manufacturing industry. Just like how the manufacturers used to engage the third party to deal with the supply operations smoothly. This practice became more cemented after witnessing the efficiency of the vendors. After all, they could bring elevated speed, skills, and cost-efficiency better than an internal team. This helped companies quickly follow suit and adapt to this.

Among many other countries, Kenya is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations. An ideal call centre in Kenya is known to stand out with its geographical location, 2030 vision, excellent talent pool, and developed infrastructure. And now that business process outsourcing has become omnipresent, there has been a major transition.

From profit businesses to non-profit organizations, to even confidential governmental operations, ‘business process outsourcing has become a support system and backbone.

Here is why BPO is also known to contribute to humanitarian causes. As a third-world nation, a call centre in Kenya is known to render its services to profit and non-profit businesses and make a difference.

BPO call centre 

Is your company finding it troublesome to manoeuvre between inbound and outbound? Is this overload somehow affecting your cumulative performance? Consider taking up services of the right BPO call centre to do the needful!

For a decently performing e-commerce organization, bringing in new and retaining the current customers is of utmost priority. Also catering to the needs of the people who are expecting a prompt response to their question or complaint is not a walk in the park. This is where the BPO call centre should take the charge, and be the best by providing consistent and standard customer service. The seasoned team of outsourcing agents will identify, rectify and then eventually check the flaws as per queries and complaints.

Inbound services

Availing the perfect inbound call centre for a company can honestly be the best business move in terms of profit and efficiency. It might be argued that agents who are outsiders are not as well-acquainted as the employees, with the company’s way of working, or even products as such.

But since they have professionals generating consistent ROI, everyone wins in the end, with successful collaboration. The tools and methods used by a BPO call centre team can cause a butterfly effect. Call centres in Kenya, the Philippines and India are recognized to be major go-to destinations for global outsourcing as per today’s scenario. This eventually fuels the efficiency level of almost all the operational aspects of the company.

Support and promptness

Guess what? When it comes to a telecom company, the status is ever-changing, and the work is fast-paced. This happens when a professional inbound call centre can pose as the support system and serve the customers of these corporations. The corporations serving a well-cemented customer base often tend to accept collaborative support from the service providers. Firstly, it helps in chopping off the labour expenses secondly, it makes everyone involved satisfied.

With the corporation’s well-contracted guide, the BPO call centre can commence its work. The documented resources and the guide acts as the source for reference while operating in the newer space. Soon they learn the ropes and become a part of the well-oiled system.

Processing of the order 

Placing orders by phone is a common practice even in today’s age. For this, records are to be strictly maintained by the company. But the actual task of processing all the purchases might consume a lot of precious time. The general tasks include adding the client data to the CRM, jotting down payment information, and shooting off orders etc.

Hence, it is advisable to avail the services of a BPO call centre that can smoothly take over this part of the work. This will help the company to put their valuable time and effort into other significant aspects such as marketing and advertising.

As the agents are experts in handling incoming calls from different time zones, they seamlessly work around the clock. And despite the inconsistent workflow, the experts make global processing easier.


Outsourcing dispatch services is one of the most cost-effective ways of functioning in the corporate world. Dispatch service involves paying agents only based on the work done by them as and when. This is why it saves company funds to opt for dispatch services instead of salaried professionals.

The best part? The promptness of reputed global call centres in Kenya, South Africa, Philippines and India ensure that no service call is ever missed. This system also ensures that the company is not spending on agents on a slow day. This in turn makes call centres in Kenya, South Africa, etc, turn more proficient over time.

Outbound services

As discussed earlier, inbound services need to be outsourced. But in the case of outbound services, in house operations are out of the question. The naturally inexhaustible, diligent and tenacious nature of these services requires specialists to get the job done. Because in this case, the operator is the one making the calls and seeking responses.

As the process is slow and needs endless patience and persistence, the hired agents need to be efficient, while the company focuses on other aspects. Some of them could be building customer relationships, strategizing ways to retain the customer base, discussing product development and marketing facets of the same. This ensures that the company is harmoniously working towards all the set goals.


Cold calling is an art that demands mastered skills to survive and thrive in this competitive scenario. Also, transforming your resistant customer portal into a lead generating niche can only be achieved with expert telemarketing practices.

Picking the perfect BPO service provider that aligns with your company goals and mindset is of utmost importance. Having agents from the call centre in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria that magically attract new crowds is the need of the hour. After all, keeping people interested enough to turn them into customers is what telemarketing is about. The major objective is to use telemarketing skills to generate promisingly high ROI and retain the same.

Telesales and upsells

Did you know? Potential sale figures can be drastically improved simply by letting your organisation believe in the outbound services of the BPO call centres. Outreach strategies well blended with inbound profits is the recipe for company telesales and upsells.

The calls reach the potential leads with the intent of making the deal on the call. Having call centre professionals as a part of the process makes the job of following up the leads simpler and more efficient. This readily assists in the surge of upsells.

From saving time and money to growing sales, improving customer service eventually contributes to brand building.

For market research 

To map the current mindset of the customers, it is important to know what they are seeking. Market research plays a vital role here. Having the agents take over the on-call market research helps in picking the brains of the customers and collecting information that could be used for future campaigns.

Market research metrics assure that the chosen BPO call centre resolves tickets promptly, and the best-in-class IT expertise is offered to the customers. With a noble intention of having this incredible service engraved in the memory of the customer.

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