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The 5 popular Call Center Metrics for Ecommerce Industry


Call center services provide the essence of any successful business company! The call center around the globe offers customized solutions to enhance business sales and revenues, no matter what industry it is. A high class service is what is expected from an ecommerce call center too. The ecommerce giants worldwide have constantly been looking for a reliable outsourcing partner, but they often fail to understand the metrics and the measurements.

These metrics help them figure out the progress of their campaigns and how to elevate the future plannings. Call center Cebu reports its clients on a regular interval and all the calculations are based on the below mentioned metrics.

Popular Metrics for the Ecommerce Call Center

  • The Cost of Customer Acquisition

If you want to determine the growth and profitability of your company, you need to analyze the cost incurred for customer acquisition. The total sales and marketing cost is divided and calculated to bring out per unit cost of customer acquisition. And this customer acquisition cost is just like any other metric that comprises smaller units, and the ecommerce call center can optimize it for better business improvement. The call center also ascertains what value the customers offer the business throughout the lifetime via repeat purchase.

  • Average Handle Time

The total amount of work hours related to calls is the average handling time, and the ecommerce call center focuses on augmenting the productivity of its agents. The ‘After Call Work’ time is taken into account while determining the human resource required for the team. To decrease the churn rate and increase CX in the ecommerce business, it’s essential to reduce the average handle time. CRM integration and cloud-based data saving helps in instant data retrieval and helps reduce the wait time.

  • FCR (First Call Resolution)

An agent’s efficiency measures the quality of service and can decide if a deal will turn into conversion. The FCR eliminates the need to change the call hands, and the prospect gets all the satisfactory answers in the first call only. This helps him complete the purchase at a significant pace. The call center software is integrated with the e-commerce platforms to offer the FCR to the customers, and it goes a long way in building a brand name.

The FCR is an important aspect for not just the ecommerce but for other sectors too! The Education call center also focuses on the first call resolution practice to offer enhanced calling experience to the clients.

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

Customer satisfaction tells how well a company’s product or service meets customers’ demands and expectation. It is challenging to measure customer satisfaction as the measure and analysis of opinions, attitudes, and behavior is complex. So here, the company needs to encourage feedback, suggestions and registering complaints to get a fair view of the consumer’s mindset. The ecommerce call center focuses on customer retention more than new customer acquisition. The IVR-based post-call surveys conducted by the agents help in the easy calculation of the customer satisfaction degree. Here the consumers are asked some questionnaires and are given incentives for feedback!

  • Net Promoter Score

If you are into the e-commerce business, reviews and referrals become essential. The measure of this conduct of your consumer and predicting their behavior is the net promoter score. A high Customer Satisfaction Index triggers a high Net Promoter Score. Only a satisfied customer will recommend your products and services to others. The call center services for the utility company thrives for a higher net promoter score so that the brand has low-cost customer acquisition. This is applicable to all the other sectors as well.

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